Not Me, But My Friend's Younger Brother.

I remember my friends' younger brother had Pectus Carinatum, but we called it a "Pigeon Chest" because we were young and it looked like a pigeon. None of us teased him about it. We were actually too scared to play rough with him because his sister told us that if we hit him there, he could die because the bone would go straight to his heart. Now I don't know if what she told me was true, but none of us wanted to confirm it. Being from Hawaii, all the boys would be shirtless, including my friends little brother with the Pectus Carinatum. I read a couple of the stories for this section and I feel bad for them. They grew up in fear of being teased and what what. I forget my friends' younger brother's name, but I know he didn't have to live in free because of it. I mean, he was really oblivious to it, now that I remember. No one teased him about, except when he acted really stupid to us, then we'd say "Shut up before I punch your chest" I know, I know, that was really stupid of us to say but he retaliated with "Go! I like see! Watch, I'll knock you out before you even touch me" lol good times. But anyways, I don't think it's really anything to be ashamed about. He's living a good life, I wish those that also have the Pigeon chest live a good life too. Don't be ashamed. If someone teases you, remember they also got something they're embarrassed about themselves.
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it's nice to hear a story from someone other than the person who has the condition. Thanks. This site has been improving my self-confidence for a while.