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I'm 17 years old and have pc. I started to really notice this during puberty and my sternum kept growing more forward and forward everyday! I grew very self concious because of the bullying I received In Junior high. Working as a swimming instructor didn't help my self esteem at all.I always stayed a little hunchback so my chest wouldn't stick out as much. it really sucks having this cause you can never wear slim fitting clothes, square your chest or even just stand up confidently. I worked out regularly which helped a lot, but still I wanted it completely gone, So I saved up for the entire summer and I asked my mom if I could get the brace.She was more than willing to pay for it, although our financial situation didn't really allow for $1400 in just some metal contraption; So I offered to pay half.

I will be meeting the doctor sometime this week. And should have the brace in less than a month.

If you guys have any question I would be more than glad to answer! I will be posting more stories about my PC journey! Thanks guys :)
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So glad to hear you are moving forward with the brace. Don't forget an exercise program. We do both the bracing and exercise and offer payment plans so that young people don't have to delay starting treatment. Younger is better and as time goes on the chest gets harder to correct non-surgically as bones grow thicker, the pectus geets bigger and so on.

Have your parents call our office anytime to discuss options. We have many locations across the country and adding more.

We look forward to helping any way possible.

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Our experiences are quite similar. I'm glad someone understands what I've been through. Except, my parents kind of just ignore me when I bring it up, as if they're the ones embarrassed by it. I would do anything to get the brace......

Please let me know how it works out for you. :)