Build Muscle And Don't Worry:)

Hey I have a pigeon chest or pc. Ever since I was around 13 I started noticing my chest beginning to protrude farther and farther out. When I was around 15 it was very noticeable because I began to loose slot of weight in my chest area when I hit a growth spurt. I am a swimmer so of course I would go to meets every weekend and people would stare at my chest but soon I got used to it. I found by 16 that working out with free weights began to slowly hide it. (make sure you know what you are doing dropping a bench on your chest really hurts believe me...) I stayed off the weights for a while but still swam so my chest has stayed relatively unnoticeable. This year however I have gotten back into working out and now it is like it was never there. My abs and pecks cover it right up and it actually makes my chest appear bigger with it under the muscle. (whatever you do do not do dips! It will rip whatever chest muscle is over your sternum and t like hell!) if you have any ?s or need advice feel free to contact me
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Hey, i'm 17 and I got my brace about a year and a half ago and it decreased my condition very rapidly. Although it is still not entirely corrected, it is now in noticeable when I wear tight shirts or even wife beaters. I've been working out on a regular basis and you are correct about cheat muscle covering it up. PC in a way has accelerated the look of pectorial muscles and because of it I can flex / twitch my left pec. (Which my friends are jealous of.
Wearing my brace helped me become more acceptable to my condition since I hated wearing the brace even more then having my shirt off in public. As of now, I still wear my brace at night, but I work out regularly during the week. My left prc appear to be larger then my right, but I'm fine with that.
So, if you just do simple push-ups or butterfly's, or benchpress, you'll see successful results.