Pain And Discomfort From Pectus Carinatum

I'm 20, have Pectus Carinatum and am also very small breasted, Some times i get extreme pain in my chest where it really sticks out or when i wear a bra for to long. Does anyone else get pain like that?
I can't breathe properly most of the time and have Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)....
With the brace does it just push the bone down?
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I have experienced this, and it hurts like hell. If you are using underwire bras, I highly suggest you stop. They are the absolute worst.

I opt for bras with only soft padding, and no indent in the front, because a lot of the tension in the bra goes down in that spot, and the way that it hits my pc can make my breathing ache. Try ones that look more like sports bras. I caught a sale recently and got three bras, two of them having that general shape in the front, and they don't hurt my chest at all. And they also happen to have cups, if you prefer them that way. (the third one is strapless, which could also be a good option because it wraps around your body in your own shape)

And also remember to get them in the right size for you! That is one of the most important parts, even if you have smaller breasts.

(As for the brace, I had one that did push my bump, and personally, it did not help and I could not continue using it for long, but this is apparently because I did not have a professional make me one. They worked in the broken bone department. I really should have known better.)

I have the exact same thing I have small breast and my cheats look flat and i can't wear certain bra or it hurts. My mom said that she never noticed it but I keep telling I get cheast pains and it hurts when I wear a bra. Just go to your family doctor or whatever and ask to get it checked out

The brace doesn't just push in on the bump, it applys' broad pressure that then allows the rib cage to widen and return to its natural anatomic position.