My Pectus So Far

Ok, it's been a very long time since I posted anything. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm not sure how everything is progressing...

The 'Orthotist', as his card refers to him, is using me as a sort of guinea-pig. He is hoping to create a more efficient model of the brace for female patients with Carinatum. For the first month or so I had a very basic looking... thing; it barely resembled the braces I had seen. It was a hard piece of polly-plastic (I believe) that went diagonally from my shoulder to just under my breast, with a pressure pad located where the peak of my Pectus was. I went in after the first month due to barely feeling any pressure when I wore the brace. My Pectus had gone down a slight amount, but no where near noticeably to anyone but myself. At this point, my Orthotist replaced my brace with a similar model. It was still plastic and diagonal, but had a metal bar across the bottom to keep the straps from simply tightening around my abdomen. Also, the plastic was thicker and had an additional piece screwed on to give extra resistance.

I've now had this model for about a month and a half? And at first it felt extremely tight and I was perfectly fine with the pressure. But recently it's stop being as... effective. It seems that after a few weeks my body adjusts to the pressure from the brace and thus stops being effected by it.

I'm seeing him again soon, and really focusing on how the brace has been working. But I think I may have to ask him for a regular model of the brace, the one designed for men. This doesn't bother me as I have small breasts and I don't think the brace will be obstructed by them. But from our conversations, he was really hoping to create a brace that would be more comfortable and effective for female patients. And although I don't mind being his test subject for this, I am getting anxious about my results.

Also, few questions for anyone with Pectus Carinatum:
1. How long did you have to wear the brace (weeks, months, years)?
2. After some movement did you constantly feel like you have to pee? Or possibly have an upset stomach randomly?

The second question is due to me constantly having both problems. I've been to the Doctor and had tests done and I've been told that due to my small frame, my body is trying to readjust with the movement of my ribs. Basically, my organs don't know where to go so they're pushing on each other as they move into new positions. It doesn't hurt or anything, just gives me funny symptoms... I don't mind, as long as my body gets used to these feelings and adapts until it doesn't notice.

So that's my progress at this point. I got my first brace on November 9, had it replaced with a new model December 7, and have been wearing it at least 20 hours a day.

Thanks for the support and help :)
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No need to be a guinea pig. We have designed and invented our own female brace that we have been successfully using for over 10 years on patients from little girls to grown women.

Sorry to hear you have to endure this. By now wearing our brace for 2 months you would have been nearly fully corrected.

Call the office if we can help.

Pectus Services

Do you really think it would be fixed so quickly?

My Orthotist had originally told me 3 months of wearing it as often as possible, but now the months keep getting added on.

I have researched your company, but none of your locations are anywhere near where I live and I'm afraid my parents are pretty set on just waiting the year or 2 of wearing my brace.

If you can give me any information on how the brace should be working and the length of time it would take, that would be really helpful.

And as I don't think I've mentioned it before my Pectus sticks out about 2 inches or more when I lay down and has moved maybe 1/2 an inch, if that :(

Thank you for your help :)

Have your parents email our office. I will send them before and after photos of many of our patients. Pectus Services will work with your doctor to replace your current brace. We are ready to help anytime. Pectus Services