Self-Esteem and Psychological Issues...

Hi all, im 16 years old, and obviously have pc (or i wouldnt be posting here...). I do have problems with fitness, i get out of breath quickly and such. But this never really bothered me to be honest, im not exactly big on sports. Anyways, its the psychological side thats always affected me. I have people come up to me almost on a daily basis, asking whats wrong with my chest, and its so hard to explain to someone when you really dont want to talk about it. I feel like i have no self-esteem anymore, no confidence in myself. I've dont have a big social life, not many friends. I've never had a girlfriend. I feel like im just wasting my life, I haven't got the confidence to get out there and enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like just giving up...

So, share your stories, how do you cope with the psychological issues? How can you boost your self image?

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Hi, im from Russia, Moscow. I do have a pe as well as probably all of you here. I am lucky to speak english as theres so little info on the net in russian. Im almost 30 years old and this condition haunted me for my whole life as i was born with this deformity. It has strongly affected all parts of my life to the point when i felt like putting an end to all many times. I have never had a girlfriend, even though i am a good looking guy and girls like me. I always hide from people and escape contact having such a low self esteem i work at the shittiest jobs, not because i cant find a good one, but because of my complete and desperate lack of confidence. I cannot even describe how sad i feel all the time and how much emotional pain it gives me to be totaly alone with noone to hear me out. What scares me the most is that ive wasted the best years of my life over something i really cant be blamed for. I have become such an angry and bad person, especially with my family that i dont even know who i am any more. It devastaded me as a person and i have no motivation to go on living. I started praying to God again and asking for help, as i did before many times. Theres nothing else i can do. I just wanna live a normal and happy life. Im so tired of hate and loneliness i just want to die. I told my parents about it but they dont give a f...k about me, and it was hard for me to confess about my psychological trauma as i never discuss this matter with anybody. Now i regret telling them as they think im a freak. Nobody gives a f...k about me. I tried so hard to forget and live on, but it keeps comming at me all the time. I even tried doing drugs and prozac, but they dont work for me. If Jesus doesnt answer my prayers im gonna do something terrible to myself. There will be no reason for me to continue!

Gizelle, surely if he loves you then he will not mind. Myself, I would have no problems with it, but maybe thats because I understand it. Talk to him about it, is my advice, I'm sure he won't have a problem with it.

Hey benjones. When you say the woman didn't care or notice about your PC, do you think its the same with a guy and myself? Will he not care or notice, because as far as im concerned, guys are far more judgemental and focused on a girls body than say her personality (maybe a slight generalization, but its a bit hard when you guys are exposed to women's breasts like everyday of your lives in some way or another). Anyway my point is, im super self conscience around my boyfriend at the moment, and im worried what he is going to think about my chest which he will probably find out sooner or later....

hey i'm 20 years old and a college student, and i have it as well. I dont know how serious mine is in relation to yours but it ******* sucks. I hated it until i got laid and women relaized women didnt care/notice and now i feel way more confident. thats what it always was for me, i wish i had a gf at the momment if i did i bet shed not care and be supportive thats whats its about dood

I feel the exact same way gengisklan, however have since writing this story discovered that it is linked to me having Marfan Syndrome, which is much worse. However, this does not make me feel depressed anymore. People really dont care you just have to let your personality shine and everything will work out fine. Trust me, just be strong, and remember your not alone either.

im seriously depressed due to PC. i wish it would just go away without doing anything to my body. :(

Hi, I haven't posted my story just yet, I am working on it, but I just wanted to tell you that you have your whole life ahead of you. I am 25 and have PC, if I had known of all the surgical corrections and bracing that are available when I was your age I would have jumped at the opportunity. I am currently looking into surgical corrections as I am too old for bracing, they say you have to be under 18, hint hint. <br />
<br />
But, to answer your question, how do I deal with the psychological issues, I just reaffirm to myself that there is a solution out there and I need to get everything in order and take advantage. I do not have a severe case, but it is visible. I wear about three la<x>yers of shirts and always wear my lanyard that holds my workbadge and covers my chest or wear my book bag across my chest as a security. I especially love this time of year because I can wear zippered sweaters and jackets, that always diffuses the look. <br />
<br />
I have had a few relationships and either they were being nice or never noticed, but none has said anything, but then again I took great caution to ensure they did not notice. I have worked out my chest and had great results, that always covered up the protrusion, but I always do a rollercoaster with working out, currently I need to get back to the gym. When I was going regularly I would go late at night, after 9 PM when there were few people there so that they do not see me when I bench press which is very effective, but when performed causes you to really exert your chest to where the PC sticks out a lot. <br />
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Like I mentioned though, your just 16, research the treatment methods and get started. I wish that I had known of a treatment, I really did not know until I was like almost 24. I did see my family doctor but he was clueless as to what it was and didn't offer any treatment other than saying it was not life threatening; what a buch of crap as this causes so much psychological anguish. But you're young really, take care of it now, that whey you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Hope I didn't ramble too much!

Thanks for the support, DreamWizard, really appreaciated. I can see what you mean, low self-esteem blooms from pessemistic thoughts, I have to try focus on the positive thoughts.

Thanks for the support, DreamWizard, really appreaciated. I can see what you mean, low self-esteem blooms from pessemistic thoughts, I have to try focus on the positive thoughts.

Focus on those gifts that GOD gave you.<br />
What are you skilled in?<br />
What do you have passion for?<br />
What you are attracted to and have passion for is what you should concentrate on and practice so that you obtain a skill in which you can hone into an expert level.<br />
We all are inept and adept at something.<br />
It is the wise, who know to focus their thoughts on what they can do instead of what the can't.<br />
Good Luck on your journey of discovery!