I Have Pectus Carinatum

My name is Krista, I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school.  During my 4th grade year, I started to notice my ribs looked large and hurt a lot when I would exercise at gym.  I got referred to a Thorasic surgeon after a few years of not knowing what I had and I learned that I was going to have surgery to repair my pectus carinatum problem.  It was the Summer after my 7th grade year and I had surgery which originally planned to take 4 hours but ended up taking about 7.  But the surgery went well and I had a bar placed under my sternum to hold my ribs up until some of the cartilge grew back to hold them up.  But recently, my one rib is getting abnormally large again and I have been having weird back pains that I hadn't had before I had my surgery.  I am planning on going back to my doctor for an appointment asap.  But is there anyone out there who has had to had a Pectus repair twice?  The whole back thing worries me too because my doctor told me before that if there is something wrong with the back the surgery will be even riskier.  Help anyone?

KristaMcKean KristaMcKean
18-21, F
Feb 13, 2010