To Push Through Pain

To be told as a child that there was nothing wrong with you. To always feel the pain is it just a lie!?............ To be strong as the world will destroy you if you are weak. What must I do as I push through this pain.

I am 24 now an still as i type this I feel the pain.

It has made my life what it is it has made me.

To be forced to inflict pain upoun ones self is that not touture?

Where to start? Well first of all let me add my pectus is not as "Bad" as others

Its almost unoticeable to most anyone. Yet its unignorable to me

I live in Va. and I've been to Dr. Nuss's office......

They refused to help me and sent me on my way.

They said it was not severe enough to get surgery .

I understand that but I'm still in pain and

it effects my daily life from work to play to even takeing it easy.

I know no one here can really help me, but I guess

Knowing the fact that i'm not the only one helps a bit...............

When I look back I see really how much it has robbed me of my future.

Well I'm back I've been taking physical tharapy

It still hurts when I run but as far as it feeling sore

It has cut back alot I also recommend checking out this site

It has helped me with pain! So give it a try


HalfaMan HalfaMan
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I usually only feel pain while running on the deformed side.. Its such a crappy feeling to know no matter how hard you try their will be this lump on me..mocking me..I just want to accept reality but i know that can't happen.