Question...19 Yr Old With Mild Pectus

Im 19 years old with mild Pectus Excavatum. I am wondering if the hole can get bigger as I get older and start to cause problems?
Sam78910 Sam78910
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Hi there!
The hole wont get any bigger once you have stopped growing, and by 19 you should have.
Despite this, it can cause fatigue such as heavy breathing and loss of fitness when exercising. This depends on the severity, as the ribs can cause pressure on the lungs and heart.

If it bothers you, get it sorted :)

I've recently had Ravitch operation surgery in Liverpool Broad Green hospital which is available free on the NHS in Britain, and can be achieved via medical insurance in america if you can prove its linked to heart of breathing problems/fatigue.

I've made a video showing treatment options and photos of before and after: com/watch?v=DXqxLrxK2vw

I hope its useful. I'm 15 days post op and will answer any questions.

I am 14 days post op, and the pain is very manageable now except at night times where I still often lie awake 3-4 hours in pain but this will hopefully go soon.