Almost 18 With Pe...

Hey everyone,

My story is a lot like yours (if your reading this and have PE as well) where you grew up feeling insecure and scared about your strange condition.

But I'd like to hopefully shed some hope for the rest of you and share my positive story. First of all, I had my share of hardships, summer camp was especially hard (the beach was hell, I often got into fights with the other boys) and I would often forget the term pectus excavatum, and I would try to convince people it was a perfectly normal condition (1 in 300)

I'd like to point out that in my experience girls are a lot more understanding, whether it's in a personal relationship or simply at the pool, some have even told me they didn't even notice until I pointed it out (I usually point it out as a way of letting people know about it and such) Also going to a new high school I made new friends who, upon learning my condition, actually told me about their own insecurities and although curious never prodded me about it beyond what I felt comfortable answering.

I'm now almost 18 and I have one other friend with PE and I know one other who had it but had to get the surgery as it impacted his breathing. So now although I do not talk about it, I know I have atleast one friend who completely understands my insecurities.

I'm also with the girl of my dreams who as I said earlier is completely understanding and accepting. We're both happy that my doctor keeps an eye on the progress of my growth (although in all reality, if my PE was going to be an issue it would have surfaced already) and that I have had no negative health problems because of it.


So my message to all of you: It's ok. You are not alone, hell, the reason why there are not more people on this board is because a lot of people (my friend who has PE also included) don't even know the proper term for it! 

QuartzCrystal QuartzCrystal
Dec 11, 2008