I Have Pectus Excavatum

I'm 18 and have recently been diagnosed with P.E. My case is moderate and about 4 cm deep. It lowers my self esteem a bit but not by much. I've found that it's easier to deal with and makes you feel better if you tell your friends about it. I've been researching P.E. a lot and I want to -- and don't want to have the Nuss Procedure. On one hand I would probably have a much better lung capacity. On the other hand I have to admit that I'm scared of having the operation. It's just a bit disturbing to think of a metal bar under my ribcage. Also from the sound of things it's a painful operation although not nearly as much as the older operations to treat P.E. If I get the operation it would probably be this summer. For now at least I've decided that unless my case gets deeper or grows I won't have the Nuss Procedure done. I've never had to have an operation and obviously I prefer to keep it that way. Please comment on my story.

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From all the research I have done there siginificant more pain and more postop problems with the Nuss procedure. I would urge you to consider the Ravitch which I think is coming back in favor. My surgeon told me I wasn't even a candidate for the Nuss procedure as I was older than an adolescent and my chest wall was not pliable enough as it is when you are younger

hiya i had the surgery a month go, im 35yrs old so i had the ravitch procedure done. The results are great, this my 1st operation and it is scary. But im so glad i did it, im still recovering but back at work now. Each week is a massive improvement. I lived with it since i was a teenager as i didnt know any op was available, i wish i done it years ago now.<br />
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i have PE and had surgery on it, though not the nuss proceedure you are talking about...<br />
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i had corrective surgery done in that a prosthesis was put in front of my breast bone to fill in the gap basically. simple surgery and not very painful. my chest now looks pretty normal in comparison and i dont think people would be able to tell. it has massively boosted my confidence so i can really recommend it!<br />
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msg me if u wanna tlk about it more...

Welcome to EP! I don't have any knowledge of P.E. but it sounds liek you have done your research. Surgery isn't something to enter into lightly.