I am 12 years old boy with pectus excavatum (I have it since birth)and I have been hiding my whole life always scared of being rejected but luckily no one never noticed. I always had low self esteem and never took off my shirt. I always had good health but today i had chest pain (minor) and couldn't breath well. Is this because of my pectus? Thank you for reading my experience, please answer in the comments (sorry for the bad english it is not my maternal language)
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I have had since birth also but my family first notice it when I was 2-4 years old.I have pains (minor-major) I also can't breath at times.My Doctor told me to take pain meds when the pain starts but that doesn't work all the time.So I reccomend to breath in and out deep and hold your breath if have done excessive excersize to hold your breath for 10 seconds and going down till you can breath again. Don't do to much excersize.I'm 14 and female and had pains for more than 3 years also English is not my first language.

EDIT: Pectus excavatum is when your chest is sunked in