I always wanted to have pee fun somewhere really north and cold.

I was alone. I was drinking a lot of water. It was night, but still light enough to see where I was going. Soon, I found a beautiful ice castle. I admired it, then went inside. I sat inside, drinking my water, singing songs, having fun by myself. I didn't want to touch myself yet. It might cause me to pee, and I wanted a full bladder before I had some fun.

I drank some more water, running my hands through the pure white snow. Soon, my bladder was stretched and full. It was time to make my mark in some ice. So I looked for the perfect place to do it. I found a random block of ice in a corner, along with a mirror.

First, I squatted over the ice block, and peed. I made a nice indentation on it. I quickly stopped my stream and went over to the mirror. I squatted in front of it and moved my lips in a way that sent my stream forward. I showered the mirror, and when I decided it was enough, I went to a castle wall. I used the rest of my pee to make an indentation on the ice wall.

I felt so relieved. I felt so great. Then, I left the castle and laid under the stars. I took down my pants and panties and touched myself until I came. The cold air was refreshing on my ******. I felt even more relaxed than before.
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Wish it was my face

I'd love to play the part of the mirror in this story ;)
Where r ya from?

Beautiful story!