I Keep An Empty Bottle On Me Because...

I always keep an empty bottle on me due to my small bladder size. I would pee in public wherever, but since it is illegal, I usually use a bottle. I keep several under my bed, and I will tell you that story in a minute.
Anyways, my first experience of peeing in a bottle was when I was six. My parents were at a party, so my sister and I had to stay at one of my sister's friends houses for the night. my sister's friend had a queen sized bed in her room, so that's where they slept (she was four at the time.) My sister's friend's sister (why was seven) allowed me to sleep on the floor in her room.
I woke up in the middle of the night having to pee. I didn't know where the bathroom was, so i decidet ro use the bottle of water I was given to relieve myself in. it worked, so I want back to sleep. The next day, I changed in this girls room with her (this is before I "liked girls", I still thought they had cooties, and this was the first time I learned that girls do not have penises) and she recovered the pee bottle. I told her I had to pee in the night, so I used the bottle. I thought she was going to tell her mom, but she thought it was cool and wanted to try. She did. I relized that it was a really good Idea, so from then on, I would pee in bottles to escape an accident.
Now, about two years ago, I had a girlfriend in my room, and she discovered my half-empty pee bottle I forgot to dump out. Later that night, when I had to take a ****, I found that bottle full. I only had an empty thin-nosed bottle, so I had to use that!
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I truely don't remember every detail. All I remember is told.

very nice so did you guys pee in ii together and did you watch