The image is to give an idea of what I was wearing.

After a long day down town at an anime convention, I was ready to head home. To save some cash, I parked on the outskirts of town, and took a bus to the center area.
While walking from the convention center to the underground bus terminal, I felt the slight need to go become more urgent. As I stepped more quickly, I felt the hem of my blue cosplay dress start to ruffle and rise. I felt my tight black shorts hug my thighs, crotch, and butt.
I reached the platform as one bus pulled away, and another pulled up. It wasn't mine, and I would have half an hour to wait.
At first, I stood stationary, against the back wall. When I noticed the out of order sign on the near by bathroom, I started to shift my weight from side to side, debating on if I could get away with a relieving squirt or two.
I decided that I was wearing black shorts, so as long as the pee stayed on myself, it wouldn't be noticed. I let a squirt go, slightly larger then intended. I felt it quickly dampen the crotch of my deep blue panties, and some fabric leading back towards my butt. Needing a little more relief, I let another squirt go, this time soaking through my panties, and getting the fabric wet and warm from around my ****, to behind my anus.
When the bus came, I was fairly certain that the smell wasn't noticeable, due to the stench of sweat in the air and the heat of a Summers day. However, when I walked, I could feel the warmth rubbing against my genitals, and tickling my back door.
On the bus, I let out another trickle, this one slower, yet longer. It filled me with warmth, from the base of my pubic mound, to the seat of my shorts. I couldn't help but let out a little fart as the skin around my anus warmed up. My panties were now soaked through, but I was certain that my shorts were still dry on the outside, and even if not, they were covered by a soft blue curtain.
At this point, I knew I would have to wet myself as soon as I could.
When I got off the bus, instead of turning left to the parking garage, I turned right towards a dimly lit alley. I felt a familiar adrenaline rush surge through me. My stride widened as I power walked around the bend, and behind a dumpster.
I stood their, feet shoulder length apart, as I relaxed my muscles and willed myself to be wet.
I closed my eyes as the pressure on the front of my undies began to build. I heard a very faint hiss and splash as the pee began to flood them. It ran along my skin, to the base of my crotch, where it either flooded down my legs, using my tight shorts as a ramp, or it pooled up towards my butt.
It wasn't long before the yellow liquid ran below my hem, and started cascading towards the hard ground around my leather sandals. It ran for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 full seconds before it finally slowed to a trickle, then stopped.
When I opened my eyes again, I realized I wasn't alone. A rugged dog was looking at me, as if asking me "Why are you marking my territory?" If he were alone, I would have greeted him then went on with my business, but he wasn't alone.
His owner smiled at me, not breaking eye contact.
He flicked open a knife, and told me to take of my panties. I slowly did as he said, sliding my shorts and undies down, putting my shorts legs back on one at a time, as I slipped the panties off. When I was holding them, I pulled my shorts back up as quickly as I could, not wanting him to be able to see anything. Thankfully, the front of my dress kept my covered.
I looked between my wet panties, and him. He told me to hand them over.
I threw them at his face, and bolted out of there, not slowing my pace until I was half way up the block, and back in to the comfort of a ​crowded city street. I gathered more then one curious gaze, but thankfully no one asked why I was running.

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6 Responses Aug 20, 2014

U were threatened by a man with a dog & a knife?!? I'm so sorry... :'(

Damn, where do you live? Don't' answer, rhetorical question. I grew up close to Chicago. Glad I am away from that ****.

That would have freaked me out, sorry that happened

The knife thing is kind of scary but wow hot story!

Wish I had those panties ;)
I would have invited you back to my place to clean up ;)

The beach sounds awesome- maybe you could straddle me and wet both of us ;)

I like your aggression ;)

Hey message me!