It feels nice and I don't want to go any other way
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11 Responses Aug 20, 2014

It does feel nice, I enjoy wetting my pants too !

A lovely warm feeling. Love to see you pee in your panties for daddy

Sounds fun, add me if you like

...and just why were you potty trained???...I understand having an accident or two...but this is just disgusting...I used to think that any pretty woman peeing her panties would be enjoyable...but I've since grown up and want to think women keep their clothes clean...including underwear...

Same here. Please add me.

I love it too, it's seeing the wet patch, feeling the wet, warm wee between fingers, on pants/trousers/pjs/nappy and running down legs-sooo lovely. Add me

That'd be good. I'm gonna have to have another wee in my nappy, makes me so so horny!!

Where do you live??? Obviously not address but country?
Do you wear a nappy, like to play games?

That's good...wouldn't want you to go any other way! :-D

I love it. It's such a turn on. I've always wanted to try a golden shower. Can I get you to add me?

Add me :)
I'd love to play ;)

Favorite outfit to pee in?

what's your fav thing to wet?

Can we chat