It wasa hot day and I found these knickers I tried them on I forgot had them on realiseing later they were my gfs they had pee and poop stains all over them I went running with trousers on top and I depratly needed a pee I kept running thinking I would make it home but all of a sudden a tidal wave ofwee came out It gushed and went for about 2 mins till it stoppedi spread my legs to minimise the width ofthe stain but I felt the erge to poop im like what the heck and let it all come flowing out it wad warm and nice so I sat down on the pavement to smear it in and I had this huge buldge I walked home to find my gf standing there she asked for herknickers I remembered I had them on and made every excuse but shewas persistant then I remembered the stains and questionied her aboutthem she said she loves peeing and pooping herself so I lowered my trousers and she saw the heaven in my pants she instantly took them off and ringed them out so the pee went in her mouth then she swallow then she lick my *** hole my *** crack and cheek clean felt amazing but weird next she scooped out the giant mountain of **** and ate half then smered the rest on her chest she said she needed to pee so I layed down and she let it go tasted not bad but I prefer to have it on me than eatingIit a d to this day we pee ourselves on each other and I poop on her but she eats Iit where as I do not best relationshio ever I smer them knkckers on her usually as well because we dont wash them smell great to me.
george44487 george44487
26-30, M
Aug 27, 2014