About A Year Ago

it was about a year ago i was out for a day in newcastle upon tyne with a friend. we were having a few drinks in some of the bars. it came to about 7 in the evening when i started to feel like i needed to go again so i went to the gents. about 5 minutes was feeling like i needed to go again so back to the gents again. the urge to pee kept was starting to get quicker and quicker after each visit to the gents. by this time i was starting to find little dribbles of pee comming out and a little wet patch starting to form on the cargo pants i was wearing. i left my friend to enjoy the rest of his night out and told him i was going to get something to eat and would meet up with him for the bus home. so i went off to a nearby mcdonalds while in the que could feel the pee dribbling out and my pants getting more damp and wet patch bigger and bigger.was getting looks off others in the que by now. was feeling embarassed but at the same time if felt great the warm feeling of my damp pants.
nappyboi5 nappyboi5
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Great story! :) I think that this is the best way to pee pants in public in front of strangers. Empty the bladder at once full force to flood the jeans in public is a short pleasure. I hope you enjoyed wetting yourself being watched by strangers in public! That's a great pleasure and so arousing.