I Quenched My Own Thirst After A Run

I was drinking water all afternoon yesterday, and when I got home from work, I went for a run. I used the bathroom before I left (as anyone would). But by the time I got home I was thirsty, and I also had to go again.

I got in the shower (as usual), but thrill overcame me, and I decided to lie down... and pee a bit into my face. My pee was warm, and virtually colorless, and it tasted much like water. This was all it took for me to decide to prop myself up, with my *** and legs in the air, positioning my **** directly over my mouth.

Then I let go... and peed, and peed, straight into my mouth. A little dripped down my cheeks, but I didn't miss much; it frothed up a little as it pooled in my mouth, and I swallowed mouthful after mouthful, until my bladder was empty. It was phenomenal.

I decided to type up this story is because, in those moments, it truly seemed like the most delicious liquid with which I'd ever quenched my thirst. Like mild salt water, and that was it. When I was done I craved more, and pressed on my groin as best I could to force myself to release only a few remaining dribbles.

I'm looking forward to going running in similar circumstances again.
lepiment lepiment
31-35, M
Sep 19, 2012