Desperate Measures In Lonely Times

Thank God the Internet has at least given us a way to know we are not alone.  There have been many times in my life when I had no one to share my pee fetish.   I have in those time resorted to play with my own pee.  My favorite is to lay on my back and throw my legs up over my head, sort of a shoulder stand and stare at my **** head till it starts to leak.  I try to angle myself to catch my hot juice on my face and in my mouth.  If I've been drinking lots of water or beer or wine, my pee is quite clear and tasteless.  It doesn't even sting my eyes.  I bathe myself in my golden juice till it forms a puddle and soaks my hair.  I am lucky in that when desperate enough, I can pee with a rock hard **** and that is a very exiting visual,  My pee cascading down onto my face arouses me to *********** with only a few strokes.  While I don't like to *** in my face as much as I do to pee, it seems a fitting climax.  

Hope you've enjoyed my story, and will share yours.

ambershower ambershower
56-60, M
Feb 13, 2010