Peeing On Mickey Mouse

Well lets see. The first time was around 1996 or 1997. I had this odd fetish, for buying diapers,, just to pee in them. I would tell the clerks at a local Giant, that I was getting them for someone I volunteered to watch. Unfortunately, my story wasn't believed very well. So I made up a story,, that I was buying them for when I drank too much. Honestly,, it only really happened once. But I loved peeing in the diaper,, rubbing them against me,, till the point of ***********. I just really loved the feel of my pee on the diaper,, as I beat off.
I soon started toying with the idea of peeing on one of the Mickeys I had bought. I first diapered and yiffed Pooh a few times though.
I finally one day just did it.. One night while drinking, I just opened up and peed on him a bit. I sat down towels first,, of course. When I ended up *********** all over him that first time,, I started making it a point,, every time he was dry enough for it,,, I would **** on him.
Sometimes I would fully ******,, sometimes I wouldn't.
One of those times,, was before work. I really wanted to **** on my Mickey before work,, but even though I was up fairly early that day, and regardless how much water I seemed to drink,, I just couldn't pee. Around 3:15 or so,, I finally had to pee. My buddy was picking me up at 3:45. I had thirty minutes. But I figured,, what the heck,, lets just do this,, at least it should be clear from all the water I drank.
I laid Mickey on my front side. I got up,, and checked the clock a few times,, just looking over the daybed at the clock.
I finally swore at myself to just start.. I was running myself outa time. I let a stream out,, hitting Mickey in the face,, and stomach.
I fully expected to see clear ****. Forgetting this was the first time I had pissed since I got up,, and I did eat quite a bit between,, it didn't seem to occur to me,, that it might not be clear yet. Mickey's white face had yellow blotches on it. I thought to myself,,
"Why don't I getup and go pee,, and forget it today." I got up, just far enough to see I soon only had fifteen minutes left to do this.
"**** it,, I just hope I don't miss my ride."
I pissed some more,, splashing Mickey's face,, and placing more yellow blotches on it. As I peed, I wondered whether I should stop.
Next thing I knew,, I got lost in some (Gross) ******* frenzy of a fetish,, lost in ******,, for a moment,, it felt as though,, I couldn't stop. Then of course,, the ****** peaked,, and I ********** all over the pee,, I had just peed all over my Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.
Do I still have him today?

I wish.

Do I miss those days?

(Very Very) Much.
Now days,, when I got the right pee,, I never know it.. It ends up wasted in the toilet bowel till I realize,, it was yellow enough,, to wanna stain one of the plushies I own now.

Fieve.. ;-) :-)
FievelJ FievelJ
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

Why worry what sort of pee it is? Just cover him in it anyway. If it's spot on, that's a bonus, if not you still feel the greatness of soaking your plush with your pee. I have to clean up straight away because I don't live alone, and plush peeing is just the best. So easy to whack it in the washing and then let it air dry till next time. There is nothing better for me than sitting on teddy's face and jiggling around on his nose before a nice long pee all over him.