At The Doctors Office During My Physical

This actualy just happened so yeah at my doctor had the idea I was urinary Incontinent but he had no idea of my poop incorinence and during my physical I have to bend down and touch my tows then I hadto walk like a duck and at first when I bend down I was perfectly fine then not ever 30 seconds later I had to walk like a duck and I went to bend down a filled the diaper with poop I was wearing pamper size 7 I was fine until he had to check for a hernia after my mom left the room and I had to pull down my pant and he notice I wasn't wet but I asked to go to the bathroom and change and he said no because I wasn't wet so he just told me to pull up my pants be use I think he saw the poop leaking from my diaper them he sent my mom back and said I was fine so as we were leaving I asked my mom for a clean diaper to change into and she checked me first and said you aren't wet cause she didn't know either and we were still at the checkout counter when I said I had an accident but it wast a pee accident and she looked for another diaper but she forgot my spare diapers she usually carries like 8diapers in here purse and some wipes but since she forgot my diapers I had to tell the doctor my problem but they didn't carry any diapers for some reason idk y but on our way out the office door I had another accident this time it was pee and a lot of it and after that a lot more poop came out so I had to walk through the doctor office because he is in this really big building with many different doctors so I had to walk through all of that so now thaty diaper was over filling with poopand coming up my back I could feel it because of the pee itade the poop really mushy:( so we got into the elevator and there was a four year old and he saw my diaper somehow and started to laugh at me

Now we finally got to the car and mom mom checked the car for diapers so I could change in the car but she didn't font one so my luck so now I'm in our really hot mercury moutainer that's black so it was really hot in here and my diaper started to leak even more with poop coming from all sides and the doctors office was like an hour and a half away so I got bad diaper rash and by the time I got home my diaper was soaked with urine and the poop was all over my pants from sitting down so once I got home I went to go get a diaper so I can change my diaper but with my luck that day we had no more diapers good thing I didn't take thatdiaper off yet because I was gonna be stuck in it for a few more hours because the only place that had my diaper which is pampers size 7 was like two hours away so my mom decided to go get them and ihadto stay home so I had to wait from noon to 8:00 because my mom got stuck in traffic and just imagine how many pee and even more poop accidents I had I mean I'm urinary and poop incontinent I poop and pee even more than a baby so my diaper was filled all the way to the top in a messy a urine filled diaper and the pee mad it mushy as hell so it was a mess and it didn't help that while my mom was away that o e of my friends stoped by who didn't even know I wore diapers so ihurried up to put some pants on and we were talking and I said I was grounded it he didn't believe me and walked right in and was like ewes what's that smell and i said I farted but he stayed for a while and we to sit down and poop ran up my back and I had a really short shirt on and he saw my diaper and the poop coming out of it so he looked at me and said is that a diaper and I said ummm nooooo so he's alright and then he asked if I could get him something to drink and right when I got up he pantsed me and I turned around trying to hide my poopy filled side but exposing my pee filled side of my diaper and he saw Elmo on my diaper and started to laugh but then I said please don't tell anyone I can't control it I can't change it because my mom is out getting me more of them and I'm dealt embarrassed amend said okay I'm sry for making fun of you I thought you were just wearing one for fun
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Know what you mean. When I was in HS I was pantsed exposing my wee soaked diaper.

why couldn't you just have sat on the toilet the whole time?

Just curious, why pampers baby diapers? Why not adult diapers?

I'm sry that happened to u too I have to go to public school be use my parents work but suprizingly only my friends know about my accident and if one of my enemies found out about it Idk wat I would do

Sry that happened I the other day went to text my friend and it sent to enemy and she sent to my bff and crush that I wet I hate it how can I go to scholl uhh