What I Have

I have an Indrustial Peircing, and 2 regular ear peircings on my right ear.  I have 4 regular peircings and a cartalige peircing on my left ear.  I have my right eyebrow peirced.  I have my lip peirced.  I have both nipples peirced.  I have my belly button peirced.  And I have my hood peirced.

The one I remember hurting the most is my belly button.  But it was the first one I got besides the regular ear peircings and the cartilage peircing.  My best friend gave me the cartilage peircing in college, and boy did I scream since she just used a regular needle and was not a professional.  All the other peircings I have gotton I have absolutly loved the experience of the peircing itself.  The healing process is not bad, but hurts worse than the peircing itself.  

I love all my peircings and am looking forward towards the next one I get (which I haven't decided on yet).

starprincess starprincess
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

YIKES! Your hood pierced. If that is what I think it is -- holy cannolis, girl! The nipples make me shudder enough. Maybe it's my age (older than dirt), but I really do NOT get the whole piercing thing. I've had my ears double pierced, but by your standards, what a wuss! Perhaps the pain is part of the deal. I am NOT into pain of any sort. I have had enough that I didn't ask for to go out and ask for more, thank you. I am not judging you, just saying I don't get it. I kind of get tatoos altho I have none, but you amaze me.