Learning To Love My Assets

Growing up i couldnt wait for my breast to grow, but it never dawned on me that they wouldnt grow the way i thought. They downward and large. One day i looked in the mirror and i had huge dark areolas, large fat nipples and they pointed down to floor. Going through highschool i was extremely self conscious in gym class seeing other change clothes walking around unashamed of their normal looking breast. I would until everyone left the locker room to change. They would flip flop doing exercise and they would be so heavy. My nipples were so fat that would still be hard and showing through my shirt with even a padded bra on. I hated for my nipples to be hard because u could see them through my shirt which meant u could see them pointing down. So as i got older i tried to hide them by leaning foward so u couldnt see my hard fat nipples. But my back started hurting and it didnt work. I was so ashamed of them i didnt look at them or touch and i wore a bra 24 7. One day i had on a extremely tight shirt and it was extremely cold out. I also had on jacket that wouldnt zip past my breast. A guy had walked up to me and asked was i horny or something and i didnt kno wat he meant so i ask him what he meant and said cuz your nipples are hard as marbles. I was so ashamed and i had wondered how many people seen me that night and thought the same thing. I kept wondering if my nipples are hard does that mean im horny. So for the first time i began to touch and feel on my breast and rub and massage my nipples. I became aroused. I started to ease up a bit on self esteem and i thought why do i care so much. This is what i got and i might as well work them. And now in my every man i been with love them sucked them licked them and made me feel better having them. Dont get me wrong i have my moments when i could to the store without wearing a bra and still look normal. But i cant because my nipples point down and i know they cause to much attention and plus walking around without a bra and big hard nipples now makes me too horny because I HAVE PENDULUS BREASTS
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5 Responses Dec 12, 2012

...such a way with words !!?

Thank you for this. I've had a similar experience my whole life and am now with a man who's naked all the time and I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable.

You write so well!

wow, thats is such a sexy story....

Big fat nipples sound great to me, who cares were they point to. Love big nipples to work real good...