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My breasts are extremely firm and very perky. I've always been this way since puberty. I've been told I have "a **** star rack", whatever that means. I suppose its good? Anyhow, sometimes I forget to wear a bra and I go to class in just a bare t-shirt or tank and I'm pretty much telling the rest of the classroom just how cold it is. Its pretty funny. People don't even realize I'm not wearing a bra unless my nipples have gone haywire.

Drenna Drenna 18-21, F 5 Responses May 10, 2008

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Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharin'. I really appreciate a good pair so very much. I've got a lot of love for them. Talk if you want. Take care.

Did they harden in the cold?

what cup size are you

Well, us guys and I am sure some women sure enjoy it. I love perky breasts.

definately a tease whose a very confident sexual being