Coming Here

Sometimes good things just fall on your lap. It slaps you into realization that good can come when you least expect it. I came here looking for answers to my problems and what I found were true friends I can count on for support. I stumbled into their life, kinda like they stumbled into mine, and I love every moment of it. Thank you.

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23 Responses Feb 21, 2010

softkitti, thank you for your kind words, at first it was a little intimidating because people can be mean on here, but I got passed that, thanks girl :)

How true what you say is darling .. the same happened to me . I am so happy you were able to find this *hugs*

Pheewwww, I was not looking forward to bringin the milkshake to the yard

awwww...poor thing, I will pimp myself out to get you some money if I have to :P

LMAO, is your fort already falling apart, dang!

tune the tune of....<br />
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she bangs, she bangs, the william hung version :P

Hehe,<br />
<br />
*curtsey's*<br />
<br />
you up there too :)

LMAO, you trying to swindel me, I am smart you know!

Damn Don King, WTF!!!!?

LMAO. I will get a record deal in no time

I can hit some pretty mean vocals let me tell ya lol

damn, you just had to beat me, well there is no quit in the girl, you going down like Bobbie brown, cuz that's my prerogative, tell me why e I

Whatever, I slept with the locksmith, ever heard of duplicates :P...................

bah, a fort does nothing to prevent a sassy entrance my dear, try it.

Nope, I am a taker lol.

I love your taints!!!!!

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Really, thanks Boy, I love when you are around, it is so much fun :D

Please do inform what a pocksie is Boxxee, haha that rhymes

It is very true, it seems the harder I seek the further away it is, and when I just go on cruise, things sort of just fall into place.