On The Subject Of Men

In general, I am in no way trying to imply every man is this way.



their strength & stamina

their ability to open a jar

their sense of humor & strength

the way I can feel so unbelievably safe when I'm with some men





their inability to listen

their arrogance & cockyness

when they are too rough with girls (or any others)


Josie06 Josie06
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Sometimes men can talk about things that just don't make sense, but they go on and on. Men say the same about women, but their is always a point to what we say.<br />
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Women feel things more directly and more forcefully than men too, which widens the gap.<br />
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Communication is necessary, two-way communication.<br />
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I thought it was fun listing these some are important and some (like opening a jar) are just down right wonderful to have a man around for. '-)

I appreciate the generalities, rather than specifics, It keep the subject open. Men are slow to act maybe because women's openness can sound weird enough and will deal with it, if they want too. Please do not get me wrong, I love women's open mind a lot and appreciate it.

As I said my thoughts were generalities and didn't apply to all men.<br />
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Women are more open minded and men are more slow to act.<br />
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I don't know that it's more likely construction workers fall into my 'roughness' line. But sometimes men are more fighters than not. I don't know that it matters what their career field is, it is their nature taken a bit extreme.

A lot of men do listen to women, and have no idea what the hell the woman say, or why. Women are a lot more open minded than man, so men listen for ideas and act on them, in time. Do you notice that construction workers are more rough with women, phyically than from office workers?