The Goalie and his Ice cream cup lol

when i was about 8 years old i was the goalie for my school team .. i hated to be the goalie , and i was always bored so i bought Ice cream and i was eating it while i was doing my great job as a goalie ... the stadium was too big and all the players from the both teams were  so far from me , i could hardly see them .... so yes it was a good time to enjoy my  Ice cream lol ... anyway while i was eating my Ice cream and I was in my daydreams as well lol

I heard many voices said *HEY LISTENUP!! CATCH THE BALL*... and i was thinking *was that voices from my daydream or WHAT* lol .. then i looked up and saw the ball was coming towards me and many of players were running behind it .... the ball came towards my legs and my legs were open *please keep your imagination in the soccer game * lol.... anyway and many of players were screaming and wanted me to catch the ball and i was holding my Ice cream  .... my Ice cream was meant alot for me at that moment ..... anyway i had only two choices between my Ice cream or catching the ball and be my team hero .... and then we are in the end of my story now lol .... then I just closed my legs and the ball magically hit my legs lol ... then i leaned down and caught the ball and the Ice cream still in my hands ... and all my team players were shocked and i became the most famous goalie in my school ... my Reputation was in every classes lol ..just kidding was just in my class lol 


my story is going to teach you how to eat and keep your Ice cream in your hard times .lol.



listenup listenup
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it was by mistake lol :)

Oh, I do like this one! Love it! Thanks for the new trick!