Peronality Traits I Believe I Have Common With Many Of The Ep Members.

On March 2nd I stumbled upon Experience Project. It is the gifted thing I have ever known. I am curious about psychology. I was thinking a lot about the personality traits of the members here. So, here is a list of traits I think most members have...

  • Lack of emotional security

  • Lack of proper self esteem

  • Lack of confidence

  • Procastrination

  • Shyness

  • Certain amount of social anxiety

  • Somehow dysfunctonal family life during a certain stage of life which can be still continuing

Lastly, I don't have any intention of hurting anyone. I am an ameature. So, my theory has flaws. I will be happy if you correct me.
Thank you all..
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Its like stereotyping or profiling. This website was built for support for people with problems/diseases. many Ep members just come here to share their sorrowness. So, its very easy to guess the common experiences and traits.

I agree with this list and am not offended.

Btw...the only characteristic you mentioned that was not dead-on (for me) is shyness...still 6 out of 7 is good!

Interesting..After reading this i'm kind of thinking i need a friend like you... I just joined this site today and as i was browsing through the experiences i began to wonder almost the same thing. More specifically i was thinking "what kind of people interact on a site like this" and "since i'm here what does that say about me' ha..i know very little about psych i just let it linger for awhile and i figured i draw my conclusion from reading as many 'experiences' as i can over the next few days. <br />
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Great site so far though. i love how it encourages openess and gives you the option of remaining anonymous....

@knightfall I'm not intelligent as you think, it's just happened that I encountered it. :) Are you not online for chat? So we can send message faster. :)

hei, you are very intelligent talktometonight. I didn't know that Freud told that. I just realized it myself

Have you ever heard the Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow? A person first need is the physiological need which is consisted of our basic needs, the food, water, breathing, sleep, sex, etc, if we fulfilled or satisfied our physiological needs we will step to next level, the safety or security need which is consisted of our security of our body, of our family, of morality, of property, of employment, etc and if we fulfilled or satisfied our safety or security needs we will go the next level, the love and belongingness need which is our need to belong or to be love by people, to have friends, to have someone to love, family, intimacy in relationship, etc. if we fulfilled or satisfied our love and belongingness need, we will go to the esteem need, which is consisted of our self-esteem, confidence, respect, achievement, etc and if we fulfilled our esteem need then we will go to the highest level which is the self-actualization, this is where people experience the acceptance of facts, lack of prejudice, problem solving, etc.<br />
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In this hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow, it is considered that if a person failed to fulfilled or satisfied the lower level, therefore, a person CAN NOT go to the next level, for example, if a person satisfied his physiological needs then a person will go to the safety needs but if his safety needs failed to be satisfied, therefore, a person CAN NOT go to ESTEEM NEED which is a person can have lack of confidence if a person failed to achieve the esteem need.<br />
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If you achieve the higher level of needs, it is possible to go back to the lower level.<br />
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I think we should be aware of this.<br />
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About Sigmund Freud, he said about what we are as adults is determined by childhood experiences. There is the truth about his theory as I've noticed.<br />
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But please do remember, if people is experiencing something not good, remember that by NURTURE we can change for a BETTER PERSON.<br />
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I just want to share about this. :)

I think these characteristics are human,after all.