Love My Moaning Mother..

I have been sitting here for the past hour or so stroking myself to **** on my laptop, having to be extra quiet as I know my mother's bedroom isn't far away. I was highly engrossed in a perverted chat with a friend when I hear her footsteps and she quickly opens the door. I covered myself in time so she couldn't see anything. She gave me a quick message then went back to bed and I thought about it a moment and realized I would've heard her a bit longer ago normally so I suspected she'd been sneakily watching me for some time. Only a few moments ago I heard her moaning from ******* herself in her room. I wish I could've helped. I would've gladly let her watch if she'd let me watch her and *** all over her ****.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

U should go and help ur poor mom and drill her in all holes

maybe I should've, she would've loved to get pounded ;)

I bet she would love to have her *** stuffed by her son

mmm damn, makes me hard just thinking about it

Dont think about it just go up to her. Bend her over and drill that ***

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