Random Peeves

...crumbs in the bed...yet somehow I am always the one putting them there XP

...people who use big words incorrectly...like what is the use of even using it?!?

...people who pretend they don't like someone when they do...grow up!

...DJ's who keep looping the same part of the song over and over and over and over and over and...yea you get the point

...strangers who tell my dog commands...like HELLO do you really think I would enjoy it if my dog actually listened to you?

...people who lie about their race...be proud of who you are!

...squirrels. period.

...people who act like cops aren't human, and cops who think they are not human

...over dramatic cops

THE NEXT ONE IS A BIT MEAN, but live in NY for a few years and you will see what I mean

...homeless people who try to get my number after I just gave them some money

...guys who drive expensive cars yet live in a closet

...pervs on the subway

...drivers who try to flirt with me on the freeway...I love a rebel but my insurance company doesn't.

...old people who drive reeeeally slow on one lane streets

...people who don't know when to use their turning signals

...people who look everywhere else but at me when we are having a conversation

...people living off the government wearing gucci shades with a matching prada bag

yeah the list can go on and on...
vershelz vershelz
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

I love your list. I hate when people use the wrong words too. How bout when someone says, "I can't phantom that!" Ummm, hello, did you mean "fathom"? There's no such thing as being able to phantom something. Phantom is a noun. Jeez!! And I live in the city too, so I understand the bottom part of your list. Same problems in Philly. I just love the people living off the government driving around in Escalades and carrying an I-Phone. That's what my taxes pay for. Grrrr....

Yess, it all just ****** me off!!
And then they look at me like I am crazy for complaining about how much something costs...Ha :D, priceless.