Duckface And Toilets

Duckface and Toilets . Normally you wouldn´t think of these two things together.

As you know I believe Duckfaces should be banned and penalized for overuse while toilets, well, toilets are necessary but until recently they were considered private.

As I said, until recently, because with sites like Facebook and MySpace ( and a gazillion of others just like those ) a new trend was born for teens and even preteens and that is to take pics and post same pics for the world to see posing for the camera in suggestive manners in the bathrooms.  Yes, bathrooms, and not clean bathrooms, mind you, filthy messy bathrooms with foggy mirrors where kids  take pics with their cameras and cell phones always making the dreaded duckface with a background of dirty towels thrown on the floor and open toilets and wastebaskets.  Yuck !!

And believe me,  I don´t have to go too far to find these unfortunate pics. I have friends with kids my daughter´s age, my daughter has classmates , I have relatives of about that age and when I look into their albums this is what I mostly find. Groups of young girls giggling, posing for the camera as if they were competing for Playmate of the Year Award in their bathrooms. And I wonder, if I found those pics so easily, why couldn´t their parents find them ? And if they did, how do they think that is OK ??

And I just don ´t get it.  I understand times have changed but I still believe there are some sights better left unseen.
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Dec 1, 2010