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The use of the word "whatever" as a response during an argument. To me it just means that you've been defeated or you don't care or you just have nothing else to say. That use to annoy me all the time in relationships, when someone would know they were wrong and not admit it just say "whatever". Bleh WHATEVER!!!!! Lol funny thing I googled the word whatever and here's one of the user submitted definitions in the urban dictionary :"Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over." It appears i'm not alone in regard to this =P
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Lol no I shouldn't take it as a compliment!!! That's the eay way out, just admit i'm right, that's just selfish!!=P lol

Lmfao fine say it i'm just gonna laugh >=)


Pshh whatever >:P

You should take it as a compliment, I'm basically telling you you're right :O ahah ;P So you win :)

AND OMG. LMAO "umm i'm pretty sure you don't have one" xD AHAHAHAHHAA I still like saying it >:)

Lmfao don't whatever me woman!! Lol ugh I know girls who say suck my **** too an I always look at them like umm i'm pretty sure you don't have one o_0



I also always tell people to suckk my dickk if they make me mad. No joke. I don't know why I do that, I'm not even a guy O.o but 'whatever'.




Well, whatever if you don't like the word 'whatever' >.>


Oh and on a random side note, I like to say "no shitt sherlock" when people point out the obvious >:)

I am so mean >:P

@ Amelle-- Lol exactly it basically mean I give

@ Suzy--Lol oh how I wish there was like some law to ban that word during arguements =P