Pet Peeves..where Do I Start??

I have lots of pet peeves but the ones that irritate me the most are in the list below.

  1. People who chew there food loudly.

Why on earth do i have to hear you chomping on your food like that? it sounds really gross and it makes me cringe. These people need to go back a few steps to when they first teach you about table manners.
2.  Immaturity
I can't stand when someone is immature when they're at an age where they should be mature. Act your age. My lover is the king at this pet peeve, he will act out when he doesn't get his way and it makes me angry. I always ask him if he's a baby in a grown man's body.

3. Patience

This is a personal pet peeve, I'm very impatient, When it comes to finding something around the house or sitting in a waiting room. I just can't do it, it makes me irritated.

4. Repeating myself

        "What did you say?? I didn't understand you." Ugggg i hate having to repeat myself constantly to people. it's like you better pay attention the first time because I'm not going over this again.
Rose255 Rose255
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2011

I hate repeating myself too. My boyfriend CONSTANTLY does it...and I end up having to repeat myself like 3 times for EVERYTHING that comes out my mouth. It's usually because I have to compete with the television and video games.