Toady Gets Pissed

- Garbage being left on the counter instead of being put in the flipping garbage can. It's RIGHT THERE!
- Vibrators that break
- My husband, he's just one giant pet-peeve, especially right now.
- People who walk in front of cars. Do you really want me to hit you? Cuz I will
- People who blow smoke in your face.
- when you do something nice for someone and they don't say thank you
- People who leave the turn signal on for 5 minutes
- Drive thru ****-ups
- interrupters
- people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom
- annoying car alarms
- Littering
- people who give their kids retarded names
- Oprah
- Close talkers
- Flakes
- Attention ******
- people who have sticks up their *****
- bad breath
- B.O
- Parents who think their child is angelic when clearly they are Satan
-  The View.  Those ******* need to STF
-  Getting up an an incredibly early hour on a Sunday morning
-  Dora The Explorer and her stupid cousin Diego
- People who have gotten so used to broken english because of texting that they have forgotten how to spell.  UGH!!!
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10 Responses Mar 10, 2011

ahhh again McT :) soooo funny .. sooo true.. good rant girl !!!! xoxoxx

Wow. I'l thinking what a short list. I had about fifty more things come to mind reading this. Maybe its me. :-/

I hate dora. So glad my kids out grew that.


I am the most stable, balanced and happy individual you will ever meet.

But..but...I love Dr.Phil. I am in the I love Dr. Phil experience group. Haters.

LOL... can't go on ALL night with one rant. Better save some up for another time when you need to vent!

Fantastic list McT ... there are a few more I could add but you did pretty well!!!

Great list

lol. People who tell me my kid is Satan when she is clearly an angel.