Ep Pet Peeves

This is just a little rant. Nothing personal. Just need to get it out of my system is all.

Maybe I am just a *****. Probably. But my tolerance level must be diminishing in my old age. I know I will end up being one of those old ladies siting on her porch yelling at the neighbourhood kids to get the F off my lawn, shaking my cane while doing it.

Anyhoooo, here's a few things that are pet-peeves at EP.

1) If I remove you from my circle, please don't have a hissy pissy fit.  For ***** sakes, it's the internet.  We weren't dating ok?  I removed you for a reason, and you can pretty well bet it wasn't personal.  If it WAS personal, you would already know why without even having to ask.  So, that being said, I probably removed you because  a) we never talked  b) your postings were clogging my feed  c) I found you annoying  d) whatever reason I deem a good reason at the time. Also, it's NO BIG DEAL!!  The only thing you wouldn't be seeing are my pics and my blog.  You probably never commented on either, so it doesn't really matter then.  Two things.  That's it.  NO biggie, so get over it.

2) People that are constantly posting stupid **** every 5 minutes. Feel free to post stupid ****. That's good on ya. But don't be surprised if I remove you from my circle just for that reason. It's a pet-peeve of mine to see pages and pages of stupid **** by the same person. I like to see stuff from my other friends too.

3) Do you really need to post 25 stories in one day? Really? If so, maybe you should write a book. Like I said before, go for it, if that's what you feel like doing. But I will probably remove you from my circle because it annoys me.

Feel free to call me a ***** if you so please.

4) I wish EP just had a "hide" feature so that I could just hide the stupid **** and not remove people from my circle that I might like. However me getting annoyed usually wins out.

5) Same comments over and over and over again. I notice when you always say the same thing on every single thing you read. I find it annoying.

Everything annoys me right now. Just had to get it out.


(added a couple days later:)

I have another EP pet peeve:

6)  when you open up your page and you see you have mail!  Yay!!  I love getting mail.  And all it is, is that perverts have fanned you.  (Note to all my pervert friends.....  I am not talking about you.  I am talking about the ones who haven't written any stories, have a few hundred friends, and all their groups are about wife sharing and ****.)  it's a total downer when you were hoping you got a special little message from a friend.  
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i love them! some of these are mine aswell :)

MY PET PEEVE are ROAD BULLIES. You know who you are. You choose to be running late, or you are stressed because it is not your choice to be running late, you are on my bumper when I am driving the speed limit. You are also intimidating my daughter when she is driving on snow- covered roads trying to get to class in one piece. <br />
Would you be a road bully if your child was driving in front of you??? <br />
Take a deep breath and C A L M down.

i've especially removed people from my circle simply because we never talked. most didn't seem to mind or notice but there have been a few that were a little miffed. too bad.

I love messages. Except when they say, "f-ck you, you old, fat, ugly, flatulent, droopy bastid. Actually, Andrew Penney is the only one who calls me a bastid. lol

hahahahahahaa mewold .. you are so funnnnny too!!! I can hear you sayin all that in my mind .. lololol ..

Scary moment - when I was the old guy shaking his fist and telling those damn kids to get off my lawn. When I did that, I realized that I was Mr. Old 'n Crotchety.<br />
<br />
Like the addition. There is no warm fuzzy quite like seeing a message in your inbox.

You are so funny McToady.. i know your p.peeves weren't meant to be but made me laugh anyway .. i can identify with a lot of them .. esp. the people who have only one experience expressed in a milion diff. ways on their profile and nothing else. .Can't get a clue about them as a person.. only their particular fetish.. wuttttsup with that eh? Will make me not add you to my circle if i can't know ya like a real person .. hmmm.. So glad you vented! feel free anytime :0) Love your comment lolol :) xox

Wow. I did not expect that... It is somewhat sarcastic because I tend to be sarcastic. I did not mean to offend you in any way. I thought it was a playful way to get you to possible add me as a fan or if I add you, you would let me in your circle. Clearly I need to work on my EP skills and tone down the sarcasm. Thanks for the feedback and no I am not a turd or an *******!!!

I have to agree with all of this although I am guilty of 1A. I like to quietly sit in my corner stalking the people I have fanned. xD<br />
<br />
My interaction usually comes in the form of rate ups.

This is great to know. You lay it all out for the world to see what you expect from people hoping to get in your coveted circle. Hmmm, I wounder if I make the cut. Maybe I will try by putting you in my circle and seeing what happens. Maybe I will send you a personal message pleading my case why you should add me. So much to ponder....

damn toady, i believe that i created half of them. lol

and i was thinking od send you a pm. hell no. lol your halarious girl. but your right there are times when you can't see anyones post because someone is joining a thousand groups at the same time. REALLY? :)

#6 Your lucky. I see I have mail, get excited, and its only an EP notification.

LOL<br />
<br />
(heck I've posted this comment before :(

I like to comment so much that it is annoying.

I love # 5. It is my current pet peeve.

Hahaha and here I thought I was the only one who removed people from my circle cause we never communicated and they wrote mountains of stories every day!

What a great rant! I could have written it myself, if I didn't mind looking like a ***** ;-)


I feel your pain. One of my circle members is about to get the boot because she is joining about a zillion groups...never writing a story on any of them....and flooding my recent circle activity board with her name and her groups.....which I refuse to look at now simply because she has joined them....(I know, I'm a *****, too!!! LOL!!!)

LMFAO ..........Oh no you didn't!..........You did!!!.......*falls off the chair*............Ok it was THAT funny but I am THAT clumsy ;)

#1- thats my favorite there! I hate when hissy fits are thrown over dumb **** like that. Good post babes