Leave Me Alone

It seriously ****** me off when i turn on my computer, to find 50 messages. Its not that i don't like the messages, i love them.
But dude, if i said no ******* naked pictures, thats the end. There is no need to ask another 47 times!
Also, i hate it when i DO reply to a good message, only to receive the letter. K.
That, my friend, is an official stop talking signal. I will not reply to that letter.
I hate ******. Like, seriously, i dont want to see pictures of every guy you've ever ******. Nobody needs that many pictures of you naked.
I h8 ppl who tlk lik tis. IT'S CALLED ******* GRAMMER AND PUNCTUATION! USE IT!
God, and the type of people on here. I don't come here to ****, or sex chat, or date. **** off.
Hmm, i think thats it for my rant at the moment, feel free to leave a well punctuated comment below. :)
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15 Responses Apr 16, 2011

I agree, and you punctuated it perfectly. Unfortunately my auto correct on my phone loves to play games with me and embarrass the hell out of me when texting a simple message to someone, and it comes out not even close. Even worse is catching it just as I hit the send button :)

I quite agree,
EP should be a sex/perv free zone,well said:)

One of the coolest "leave me alone" rants I've come across... and standing behind every word : )

Wow! That was a great rant. As a guy, I don't get all the propositions, but I do understand. As for grammar and punctuation, I admit, mine isn't the best, but I try, and I'm getting better. Even so, I do enjoy good grammar and am annoyed by this new texting lingo that is, to me, just a sign of a very lazy person who can't be bothered with pushing a few keys. If they don't have time to write it out, they must not have time to read a reply.

Nah, haha, its cute when its a deliberate mistake, like fuzzing words and stuff, and actions rock, *fistpump*<br />
But it sucks when its accidental, and they're all over the place. <br />
*goes to corner to seethe.* >_>

*punctuates*<br />
<br />
*strokes your head*<br />
<br />
shhhhh sunny...... its ok....... *hugs*<br />
<br />
But your mummy feels ya..... it drives me crazy.... but i am sometimes guilty too..... *innocent face*<br />
<br />
and i overuse exclamation marks!!!!! And *actions* for which i apologise *bows*

Yes, it is running off the rails. Im not adding anymore guys over 40 now. So irritating. <br />
Pfft, Tom, you? @_@ Your my friend, lol. ILY. <br />
I get that fairbanksmfmwife, i get that so much. Its like, i dont even want to read my messages anymore, because theres always that one guy, who HAS to be gross.

I am RIGHT there with you! It is beyond irritating when all the people want is sex talk. Wacko men, teenagers, guys from other countries who don't speak good English. Note that they don't ever talk about you... just sex and their male member... You know what? If you are going to talk straight up sex with me, you better try to be my friend and know something about me. And when I say I don't vid or cam I mean it! Ok, now you've got me ranting... *cools down*

Thank god somebody agrees with me here. Im so sick of short messages. >_<

i agree with you totally on all of that! seriously annoying! x

Then expect the flood of pervs to be endless.

Nah, cbf. Im not a complete Ninja. Haha, i like people to know what i am like a bit. :3

Mmmmyeah maybe take the pictures offline and hide your gender?

o.O Im only going to let that off there, but only because i love you to bits. -_____-<br />
I feel great now, Night hun. <3

Grammar....K?<br />
feel better now?<br />
Good... nighty night