A Whole Littany Of Pet Peeves, If Anyone Cares...

1) When I'm driving with someone and they don't pay attention and fail to drive when the light turns green. 2) People who think it's ok to take their nasty fork or spoon or whatever that they're eating off of and dip it into my food to "try a bite" - and sometimes they don't even ask!! 3) People who "name drop" to make themselves feel special. 4) Men who drive down the street and catcall to women. 5) People who bum cigarrettes and get an attitude when you tell them "no". 5) People who start a conversation with me when I am trying to watch TV or listen to a song. 6) People who hover behind me when I'm online. 7) People who send a text or leave a message on my phone and if I don't call them back right away, they start calling non-stop until I answer and freak out on them. 8) Men who think it's attractive to be drunk and come over to a woman smelling like a brewery and hit on her and they can't take "no" for an answer. 9) Men who get obsessive, possessive and jealous in relationships. 10) People who don't hold doors for the person behind them. 11) When I'm walkiing in a busy public place, such as the mall, and a group of people in front of me choose to walk so slow and take up the whole pathway to get by them - then when you find a way to squeeze by them, they say something ignorant like, "Exuse you.". 12) People who talk so loud on the phone that you have to hold it away from your head. 13) People who constantly interrupt what you're saying. 14) When I see a woman in a public place with some children and I hear her yell at the kids, "Shut the ^&*% up or I'm gonna beat your little #$&^$%@ a%* when we leave here!" or along the same line, parents who beat their children, in general, but especially have the audacity to do so in a public place. 15) People who constantly harp on past mistakes I've made. 16) Snitches! 17) Braggers. 18) Posers. 19) People who make fun of those less fortunate, examples: the homeless, people with mental illness, etc. 20) Nosy people. 21) Hypocrites. 22) The welfare system in the United States and the people that abuse it. 23) Being touched by people I don't know, people who are too touchy feely. 24) Men who are too sensitive in relationships and they're feelings get hurt when a woman is independent and does her own thing - grow a set guys!! 25) People who have to sing along to whatever music is on. 26) Pathological liars. 27) Show-offs. 28) This new Kreayshawn person - hello! You're WHITE!! 29) Conspiracy theorists. 30) Black people constantly throwing the race card around. 30) Abusers of children and animals.
IrishRedHead31 IrishRedHead31
31-35, F
Sep 5, 2011