Public Lady's Restroom ~ Bathroom Etiquette

My list of 10 things women do in public restrooms that irk me to no end.

#1. Chatting on the phone while doing their business.
#2. Not flushing all of their business before they leave.
#3. Women that leave tampon wrappers and/or used tampons in or around the toilet.
#4. Women that, even if there are 8 stalls available, still sit in the one RIGHT next to me.
#5. That woman decides to take a number 2.
#6. Women that clog up the toilet and decide to just leave it.
#7. Women that do not wash their hands. So gross.
#8. Women that, somehow during their number one, manage to decorate the whole toilet seat.
#9. Women that I do not know, decide to chat at me during their business.
#10.Women that, in an attempt to clean up their menstruation supplies, leave their bloody smear marks all over the stall without any intention of cleaning it up.

I know most women are cleanly creatures and are generally decent with their restroom manners, but there are a few women that just need to study bathroom etiquitte a bit more.
I don't care what you do in your own restroom, but public restrooms should not be treated like trash because you are not obligated to clean it up.

Here is a great article on the matter:
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just one of the many reasons why i try real hard to wait til i get back home~a dam shame for women to be so nasty~then again they do that because they don't have to clean it up~luv the scribe

I have read this with much amusement as a mere man, but many of the aforementioned are carried out by men too...............and the thought that I may be speaking to someone who is carrying out their unmentionables during our conversation.............well, let's just say it fills me with disgust........I thought that sort of thing only happened in France! ha ha

Yes yes! What is it with some people and personal hygeine? Sheesh. I had a coworker who ALWAYS yakked on the phone while she did her business.... a bunch of us yelled at her about it lol (teased her actually) Seriously, you are that important that you can't wait until you are done? AHEM.<br />
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I'm with you as well on when people choose the stall next to you when they are all empty.. lol... why not just climb in with you?? LOL

Lovelygirl76, I can see your point with the hand sanitizer. I usually use a paper towel to turn on the fauset and open the bathroom door before I leave. Public restrooms are disgusting.

lol....thanks for sharing :) I also agree with you on several points. honestly, I try to avoid public restrooms at all costs. And on the no hand washing, sometimes there are more germs on the faucet and paper towell dispenser than anywhere else. I use hand sanitizer.

Part of my job is cleaning toilets....and there is nothing more that makes you say WTF! when you lift up the toilet lid and seat to find the underside of the seat runny with blood and urine. How? How do they do this? The seat looks fine, but the underside is a mess! I have never encountered this with a toilet in my own home. What the heck is going on with that?

It's not the number 2ing that is gross to me, its when it's RIGHT NEXT TO ME when there are other stalls available. <br />
And talking on the phone is still weird to me, especially if its a public restroom, haha. I dunno. Just my own personal pet peeve.

Sorry, Danziger, can't un-ring the bell!

LOL, I am guilty of the talking on the phone charge, LOL. I don't plan on changing that. It is my business if I want to talk while doing my business. And taking #2 in a bathroom??? How could that be annoying? That is what bathrooms are for. When nature is ready to clean you out, you best answer the call! Better out than in! I hate when I have to #2 in public, but there is no way I am carrying that crap around with me until I get home - no pun intended. :) I do lots of courtesy flushes though.<br />
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Ok so I totally agree with you on 8 out of 10 of your points. Thanks for posting. It made me chuckle.