What? I Am Not Already A Member Of This Group? Everyone Has Pet Peeves!

I am sure that other posts will have covered some of mine.
That picture of the empty TP roll reminds me of how annoying it is when my husband doesn't change the TP roll after using it up but I am so used to it and that it is my job to do it and accepting he is unlikely ever to do it, that it actually doesn't even bother me anymore.
I love him and his family so much, but it annoys me when instead of using "brought" they use "brung" or "brang"(brang being better than brung): for example, I would say, "Hi! I brought you some cookies!" and that's correct. But he would say, "I brung you some cookies!" (actually I can't picture him saying that about cookies unless they were somehow free cookies that someone bugged him to take) Brung...it annoys me so much to hear it. "I brung it over" NO it's "I brought it over!" Brang is still annoying but just less so than brung. When I told him about it for the first time, he said that my way of saying it, brought, which is the correct usage, sounds "stuck up". lol!! He said, "I will not change the way I say it, that's how I say it." I said, "ok, but it annoys me." He said, "deal with it." lol
I actually have a lot of these english language annoyances, but I try to not show annoyance if someone I like makes these mistakes regularly. When someone says "Pitcher" instead of "picksher" it bugs me.
I am annoyed at people who are using text message abbreviations as words such as "Oh Em Gee" in conversation. in conversation oh my god is short enough, it's the same number of syllables. Only oh em gee sounds like baby talk, it sounds dumb.
I am annoyed at certain ebonics words. Ebonics words that I hate: "crunk" "crackalackin"(omg sooo annoying!!")I hate, "blowin' up my phone"(when my husband used that once I flipped out in my head but didn't say anything...sounds dumb). I actually just generally hate ebonics, there are too many different terms I hate. But the ones that don't make sense I hate the most. I feel like it should make sense, what you're saying, and slang words need to make sense.

Physical things someone(ok my husband lol) can do that annoys me(although now I don't even mention it and rarely complain about it anymore since it isn't worth it, I just get pissed inside my head):
you don't hang up your towel after your shower and leave it on the floor. That's gross, you use that towel more than once.
you leave all the cabinets and drawers open and all the spices and sauces out on the counters when you are done cooking. I am the only person that shuts all that stuff and puts it away. I also am annoyed at when you leave food in dishes sitting out and don't refrigerate it or dump it out.
When you put a fish stick bag with bread crumbs on it on top of the ice cube tray so the crumbs stick to the previously clean ice cubes.
You pile trash on top of a full trash can instead of changing the bag so that when I change it the stuff on top falls off.
When you don't clean the hair out of the drain. You used to leave it in the drain. I said throw it away. Now you stick it to the side of the shower or throw it on the floor...wtf the trash can is 12 inches away...??
The soap is covered in hair when you are done showering. I don't even...wat? But I just take it in stride and wipe it off because these things are small but annoying.
I am also annoyed at the way you download everything to the desktop and sort nothing into a folder until it is covering the desktop with little icons until I have to dump it all into an "unsorted" folder I created.
Blahblah and other stuff.
Other pet peeves:
I go to a drive through and you don't give me napkins and make me repeat my order 3 times and still get it wrong.
It's hard to think up all my pet peeves on the spot like this. I might be leaving some out or forgetting some. I am trying to list every single one but it's hard to do.

I tap my pen or pencil when I am thinking hard or bored and that annoys the crap out of other people lol. No one is immune from annoying-ness.

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Loved it! I have some of the same. You "brung" those up in my mind again. :)