"Seeing Things You Didn't Ask For"

My biggest pet peeve has been recently discovered. I have found that this one bothers me more than any I have ever had, or noticed. I love the internet, and Social Networking Sites, especially EP. I don't appreciate however, having people fan me that have nude pics for avatars, or post their stories in groups where they don't belong. If it's adult oriented, keep it over on that side, don't post it in some group where people have no choice to see it. YOU might think your junk is 'ALL THAT" I can assure you however, not everyone does. If you do it for shock value, you are wasting your time. After a short time on the internet, and sometimes just living life, takes the ability to be shocked completely away from you. find it sad that someone could be so desperate to get a bit of attention, that they would have to post a nude pic of them selves to any response from people, and even sadder that it doesn't seem to matter rather that response be positive (not likely) or negative. Personally, I can not imagine hoe any one could post a picture of them self on the internet in such a manner. Maybe I am a little old fashioned, but that photo can come back in life to haunt you someday. Maybe you get a nice respectable job as a teacher, a manager, a principle, a coach, it could be one of many, the point is if you posted that while you were in college, you will regret it when you are publicly humiliated. Everyone loses respect for you and you likely, lose your job.
I just can not stand to have a nude avatar shoved in my face. I definitely won't be befriending anyone who has an avatar like this, nor do I accept any one with all sex groups, no stories, or just a blue avatar. I am an easy going person, but I have standards. anyone who knows me on here, knows what kind of person i am, and that I have ethics and values. The other thing they know, and what counts, is that i take my friendships seriously, and I try to be kind and fair to all. Sometimes, that is difficult at best, when you have nothing to read on a profile, you have no idea who you may be letting into your life. It's that simple. When I see those avatars, that tells me all I need to know.
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Some of the posts here are incredibly helpful and have added to my well-being. Thank you.

I share all your sentiments, people! :)

Thank you. I appreciated the link in one of your posts as well. People can be deceitful. There were some truly interesting facts there....

I completely agree. Well spoken. <br />
Thank you for the refreshing story.<br />

Thank you. I believe in a public forum, people can do their own thing, but should keep their pics in albums. We don't deserve to have that "shoved" in our faces. We deserve a choice rather we want to see "adult content"...

I agree. The albbum suggestion is a good way to go. If you want a **** site, find one somewhere set up for that. Think of the poor urologist who just wants to kick back and participate and speak to friends on EP.

I agree. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. That is appreciated.

I don't know how people publish without spell and grammar check. Simlar applies.<br />
<br />
Everyone has a ***** or is a *****. : )

This is not about a spelling mistake, people are getting tired of having nude junk shoved in their faces. I don't want to see other peoples junk when I log on to a site that is a public forum. As far as the comment, I am sure I can figure out how that applies on, in this case.

Great post straightforward and to the point

Thank you..I appreciate the time you took to read and comment...=)

you are very welcome I enjoyed reading the post very much

Wooden robotic exoskeleton okay? --><br />
Seriously though, I have seen some very creepy avatars. Nothing wrong with photos if they tasteful, but people wearing nothing but nappies? These are the photos that news programs will latch on to and show to the entire country if you ever commit a newsworthy crime, don't these people realise that?

I don't think they think that far ahead. I just don't understand why anyone would want to put a nude pic of them selves in cyber space. Once it is out there anyone and everyone can copy that and keep it for however long they want. It will always be in cyber space and will one day return to nip them in the butt........

This is a good post. So many fine points, too. Thank you,

Thank you for reading and commenting....

good post, you make many excellent points.<br />
How many teachers have lost their jobs ten to 20 yrs after posting some nude pic's. often sent to just one 'good' friend?ouch!<br />
Better safe than sorry.

Thank you. I agree. Some don't think about that while they are in college, or while they are in that "partying stage"...They do need to stop and think before letting one good friend or any one have a nude pic or allow someone to get them on a video...BAD IDEA....That stuff, once in cyber space, will always be there somewhere, on someones computer,

This is the reason if my post is adult you will find my disclaimer at the beginning so you don't read any part of the adultness until you have read through a long disclaimer. I warn my circle because I have people on my circle that are ultra-conservative and do not like that form of ex<x>pression while others do like it and beg me to write more of it. I never want to offend anyone and that is why my stories are marked adult and the disclaimer is there. I find erotica a challenge and it helps me in other areas of my writing so I enjoy the challenge of it and to express the passion I feel for my lover in that way but I do understand and I respect that it has its place. We are both reasonable adults and follow the rules and that is why we will be good friends in this place. **hugs**

I like to read erotic stories, and I like sex. I am also very comfortable with my sensuality/sexuality. I just don't like to have those nude avatars stuck in my face, and some of the content on here shouldn't even be talked about, example..necrophilia, ******, pee, poo, **********, ....those are what I have a BIG problem with....regular sexuality, if still a part of life and expression....i am not a prude, I just don't like some of the content I have ran across on here. I have read some of your stories and have seen nothing wrong with your posts. ....You are a good writer...very talented.

:) I get sick of some of that stuff too. It is mighty scary some of the stuff i see her. I used to think I was a freak for some of my fetishes but then I read stuff here and I think I might be normal lol.

I am sure you are normal dear. The evidence on here has convinced me that even with my history and problems, I am normal as well, scary isn't it lol.....

((cold chills at being referred to as normal)) Okay that is too scary.. someone other than the voices called me normal. (( I am kidding about voices right now but you know what I mean. No one in my life would normally call me normal. :)

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