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Maybe Im Just Picky

it drives me nusts when people mispronounce my name. The first time is no big deal, but after me correcting them for the third time its time for a lanuage lesson. Sometimes I'll start mispronouncing their name on purpose. Another thing that bothers me is having to repeat myself when I'm standing 2ft fromthe person I'm talking to. My fiance has been scratching that nerve everyday for the past 3 years. Now when he asks something I say "huh?". I can't stand it when a customer comes in and tries to tell me how to do my job. They tell me the prices are wrong blah, blah, blah.
Luci Luci 18-21, F 5 Responses Apr 3, 2007

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Some peeps really don't hear that well. Having worked on airplanes for many years I am one of them. It makes me nuts when I ask someone for their drink or meal order and they mumble something while looking down, away from me or out the window and then act perturbed when I ask them to repeat the order! Hello, I am over here and I am partially reading your lips over the roar of the big jet engines!

I can understand. Ppl have been mis-spelling/mis-pronouncing my real name (even though mine's spelled same as the baby book version)...<br />
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Let me tell you, the boyfriend's going to grate on your nerves until you dump him. Some guys are like that... but just to be sure, he should have his hearing checked... it may be that he doesn't care about what you're saying, or it might just be that his hearing is ruined by headphones to the point where he only hears some noise frequencies and your voice might be on that frequency :( That's a real possibility.<br />
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No one but your boss (more experience) should ever tell you how to do your job... unfortunately, many ppl think that they know better than you do, especially if they're older than you are :(<br />
I know, as a mom, that everyone in the world, even ppl who don't have kids, try and tell me how to raise mine... yet when they see him in action, they can't help but admit what a wonderful job I've done raising him all on my own (my husband's never home except to cause more damage to my efforts). So your best bet is to impress them by how good you do your job so they'll be stunned and shut up and let you do your job. In fact, they might seek you out as someone they can trust to handle whatever question they have in the future... which will impress your boss and you'll go very far that way :) It's really the only way to get around that one.<br />
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And no, I don't think you're picky at all.

Loo Sea? Lucky? Loo sigh? Loo Chi?<br />
How are they saying it wrong?

lol, a lot of people say "huh?" after some says something to them. It is kind of a thing they do to see if the heard you right. People who try and tell you how to do your job is another thing. I hate that. If they want to tell you how to do your job then they do it. Get any of that at your job emerald while delivering a baby? Lol, "I think you doing it wrong" "I'll do it the way I want", lol.

Maybe the "I" is throwing them off on your name! Tell them it's "loose-e" as in the rocks in your head! Just kidding! I know you probably mean your real name.