Ugh...the Dreaded Empty Toilet Paper Roll

I saw the picture for this group and was instantly inspired to write. The empty toilet paper roll left on the dispenser is my #1 pet peeve! This drives me crazy, and I simply can't understand why this is such a common oversight by men...or at least by the men (and I use "men" loosely, lol) in my house. First, if your a guy and you need to wipe, you're sitting on the bowel anyway. Is it really that much of an inconvenience to change out the roll? What gets me is that my guys will grab a fresh roll from under the sink to use, but instead of putting it where it belongs (on the dispenser) it's left sitting on the floor beside the toilet. This can be a problem when you live with all boys, some of them not having perfected their aim yet!

Rant over! hahaha
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Is this above "leaving the seat up?"<br />
<br />
I have wash your butt toilet seats in my house, imported from Japan, before they were sold here. My model in Japan had for the bidet button the word "charm" which always amused me. Now it just shows Butt cheeks and Bidet in Japanese for the second button.<br />
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I love the idea of washing one's Charm or is it making you more charming?<br />
<br />
But I think this needs to be on one of those Poll doobies.

Well, the smell of it clean is more charming than unclean.

.....................................................................................................the taste as well my house I'm the only female, so the seat is ALWAYS up! I'm used to that and it's fine. The toilet paper, on the other hand, drives me nuts! haha

Take away the toilet roll, get the key to the bathroom door, lock it from the outside and hold on to the key so as you can use the bathroom whenever you want it.<br />
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If the men of the house need to use it but have no access then that's tough.<br />
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Alternatively, draw the sting from a wasp, place it on the toilet paper and when they wipe their ***** with it...<br />
<br />
<br />
That'll stop 'em!!!<br />
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xo're a riot! xo

Don't leave the refills in easy reach under the sink, they'll learn quickly.... maybe not lol

lol...good idea! they always seem to use the last roll under the sink too and never replace I'm the one hobbling through the house with my pants around my ankles searching for TP. *giggle*....there's a nice mental pic for you! :O

lmao, not sure of image if it was #2- lol can't believe I just said that

I can relate. I always put the lid down also

a perfect gentleman. In my house I'm out numbered so the seat is always in the up position....unless I'm sitting on it ;) hahah