I Won't Go Far

Here on EP I always feel strange when someone sends me gestures, consecutively 4 different gestures and actually sent through mass gestures.
I try to be appreciative, if only I know if we have communications other than exchange of Gestures.
Would it be rude if I ask you to exempt me as recipient of those mass gestures. Since I just feel empty with those kinds when you never communicate, even if I did try to.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

I have been known to send several gestures @ once, to express la<x>yers of interaction, like I would in real life. I'm not a supporting member so I'm unable to send a gesture to my entire circle. I think that's ok every so often, just to say hi to everyone, like in an appreciative way. Yet that wouldn't be the ONLY WAY I interacted, it would be just extra.

Messages are much nicer, aren't they? I agree with you. :-)

Thanks Hillbillycrone. You're right messages are much nicer. Thanks Hill. =))

You can turn off the mass gestures feature. I have it on but my wife said that she has hers off. She said she doesn't care to get mass gestures. She said you can change it in your account settings under communication. I do send gestures but they are directed to a specific person. I don't send mass gestures.

I appreciate mass gestures. But not when sent four kinds at one time. Or almost everyday. It kind of freaks me out. It's not even being genuine. From personal opinion. And it just feel empty. Unless we have some connections aside from gestures. And thanks for not sending them in mass. Appreciated.

I sometimes get someone who sends gesture after gesture. If it is the same gesture then I know it is probably a glitch of some sort. If it is different ones then I think they are just trying to express themselves without sending a whiteboard post.

Well maybe that person just doesn't know how to start a conversation or is affaid of rejectsion.

If that would be the case, this entry shouldn't be here. But it's not. The person is as open as I am to everyone. Just the way I see it. Thanks Keith.