I Have So Many Of Them, Part 2

Pregnant smokers

People who judge people over petty things

Inconsiderate smokers
People texting

Mom telling me how to live my life

People who argue with me and not respect my opinion until I change it to theirs

People who make a fuss over a few typos or one

Being mislead

People who try and shove sex in my face and won't take the fact I am a gray a and a prude

Immature prudes

Creepy men and pushy men

Superior complex

Inferior complex


Mom thinking my diaper fetish is some phase or some sort of interest as if it's something I can just get rid of and never do again and her trying to get me to quit

Minors on here who lie about their age just so they can see adult groups and content and minors who talk to adults and lie about their age

Being given the run around

Sales people

Loud bass

"Washington state" Just say Washington and if people mean Washington DC, they would say it or say District of Columbia. I also can't stand it when people say Washington and they mean Washington DC.

Poor spelling and grammar and lack of punctuation, makes it so hard to read I refuse to read it.(Sorry people who genuinely have a learning disability, I still don't read it because I don't have the patience)


Peolpe not giving me a straight answer

When my computer acts up and crashes

Blue tooths

Dirty homes, I find it disgusting I will not stay the night there and boy clean the bathroom.

Parents who leave their used baby's diapers out and don't throw them away

Strangers talking to me about their problems

People that curse like a sailor

Sore losers and poor sportsmanship

People who use words wrong, couple means two, not more than that.

People misusing the words troll and bully

Fat people suing airlines and refusing to buy an extra seat so they sue for it when forced, maybe the airlines should offer it for free so it won't be a problem anymore for other folks who fly and have to sit next to them and there be no more lawsuits

Work places refusing to separate your personal life and worklife (hey what I do at home when I am not at work rather it's online or not is my business and I will never tell you my user names for online or even add you to my facebook and make my wall public or even use the same email address anymore I use online)

People who think someone is pretending to be a man or woman just because they have that picture as their avatar. Does anyone here actually think I am pretending to be Kate Winslet in the photo and that my husband is Leonardo Dicaprio and we are portraying Jack and Rose from the movie? I hope not because that is how stupid I see it to assume someone is pretending to be a man or woman just because they have it as their avatar so how is that any different than having a movie character or a cartoon character or a celebrity or an animal as your avatar?
girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
May 20, 2012