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I know that this will get me a lot of flack, but I live in the mountians, and most of the roads are kind of narrow, with lots of curves. It is very dangerous when I try to pass a bicycler that can't go very fast because of the steep hill, and I can't see around him/her. I know that it is good exercise for them, and the views are wonderful, but our county has spent a lot of money building hicking, and bicycle trails. I feel like they could get the same exercise, and pretty views, on these trails, and leave the roads to motor vehicles. We would all be a lot safer.

As an update this past week I  was going to town for a doctors visit.  As I was going through my very small home town I was approching an intersection, and glanced down to check my speedometer.  When I looked back up there was a man on a bicycle right on my front bumber in the center of the lane.  I slamed on the brakes about the same time as I hit him from the rear, scaring the hell out of me.  Before I could get my truck in park, and remove my seatbelt he was standing at my wndow asking if  was ok, and appoligizing for running the stop sign.  He said that he thought I had a stop sign, so he wouldn't need to stop at his.  His rear wheel was folded over in half, and his spandex shorts were ruined, with his bloody right bun hanging out. 
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My pet peeve aswell as I live in a large City and there are cycle tracks and very nice ones. But they don't only ride one at a time but two abreast and you have to slow down and wait for them to notice you grrrrrrrr. Sorry as I say pet peeve.

I do not live in the mountains, but where I live, bike riders have just as much rights as drivers do on the road and I can't understand why they would pass this law when sidewalks are A LOT better for these bikers who can't really go at the same speed as cars do. I do not see the consistency between a car and a bike on the same road. It is frustrating being behind someone who holds you up when you just want to get to where you need to go. They take up the entire lane too!

My city put in bike paths on the streets.