Pet Peeves Part One - People

-People who CHOMP their gum and chew it open mouthed like a cow.
-People who make themselves feel better by humiliating and degrading me, especially in front of others.
-People who are obnoxious.
-People who intrude in my personal affairs.
-People who argue with me until we are both blue in the face, when I know they are wrong, without question.
-People who are arrogant, cocky, or conceited.
-People who tell me I can trust them with my deepest secrets, then later use those secrets against me to hurt me.
-People who are tremendously hypocritical.
-People who argue in circles.
-People who get mad at ME for following the rules of the road while driving.
-People who are pushy and aggressive.
-People who maintain a non-conventional appearance (think women who wear their boobs on display or men who wear their pants around their knees) then get pissy with me for staring in intrigue.
-People who act like they know it all, when quite often they know very little.
-People who value success by the all mighty dollar.
-People who are shallow.
-People who are so materialistic they value others based on what they do or do not have.
-People with money who degrade and talk down on those who are less fortunate.
-People who fit any of the above 3 who think they are a great person.
-People who have a gruff personality and get angry with me when I "give them a taste of their own medicine".
-People who are generally rude.
-People with no sense of humor.
-People who talk AT me rather than WITH me.
-People who criticize me for being an individual rather than a follower like them.
-People who behave obnoxiously and draw negative attention to themselves, and then get attitude with me when I gawk at them.
-People who park very crooked in a parking space to the point that no one can park next to them.
-People who drive giant, gas guzzle trucks and SUVs not because they need it, but because they want it.
-People who can't manage their finances and come crying to me for financial help on a regular basis.
-People who act rude to me and then ask what MY problem is when I get defensive.

More pet peeves to come!
palebeachbum palebeachbum
26-30, M
May 31, 2012