Say It Out Loud Dammit!!

I just recently discovered a new pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy when I'm in the middle of an arguement and the person I'm argueing with mumbles something under their breath and refuses to tell you what they said. Don't say it unless you have the balls to say it loud enough for the other person to hear!!!!
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13 Responses Apr 17, 2007

I usually mock their mumbling, mumble back to them once they've mumbled to me.

Agree and don't slam the door in my face or just leave.

DITTO!!! I am the same way! That and dont turn your back and talk to me.

I can't stand that either! Or those mumbled comments people make AFTER they've left the room <br />
<br />
"What was that??"<br />
"I didn't say anything.. you're hearing things!"<br />
<br />
Man up, say it out loud!

And, their answer, when asked what they said is, "I didn't say anything" I'f I don't agree with what is being said, I will say so. But like charlotteNC said is true, if the other person is' preaching' and going on & on & on, I would guess what is being said is something like, "Will you please just shut up or kill me now. Don't make me suffer any longer.." Another possibility is, "I'm going to go kill myself right now!"

Preach on! That makes me even madder!

all i can & will say on this matter is i do not mumble when i speak to you please for goodness sake do not mumble back at me~before you even know i'll be on your tail~hate mumblers~Luv the topic

*mumbles in agreement*

I so agree

ooh that is annoying

Right on sister!

Amen!!!! I wanna ***** slap them so hard the dust will fly off their dead ancestor when they pull that chicken **** crap on me.