Cell Phones = Computers

I just want my phone to be my phone and I want everyone to leave me alone about it. Don't text me. Don't send me ring tones. Don't ask to play Words with Friends. Don't ask me if I've downloaded . And please don't treat me like I'm backwards because I have an iPad, an iPod, a computer, etc. Each of my gadgets has a different purpose and I LIKE it that way. I don't want an iPhone with my whole life on it along with every form of entertainment I enjoy. If I drop it in a toilet then it's all gone and I have to start from scratch. If I drop my cheap phone in the toilet then I can listen to my iPod on my way to the Verizon store. Get it?
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3 Responses Jun 20, 2012

The point is 'we are all different'! People can be very snobby and critical of the cell phone thing. I believe that the new ones are easy and amazing.....but maybe I don't care..hehe! Maybe I should go over to confessions and tell everyone 'Psstttt.....I don't have a cell phone' !!

I have a smart phone which on whole just use for phoning/texting but do have caperbility of camera/video should need arise E,G, road accident.

I went to rate you up as I view this from my kindle instead of my computer and it did not work. I find that ironic. lol I agree with every word you said. I feel the same about my phone too.