I Have Some As Well...

I think everyone has at least one pet peeve. I have 2 big ones....immaturity. Act at least your age please. It drives me nuts to try and have a conversation with someone who is my age only to have them act like they are 12. And the other is people who are close minded. The whole concept doesn't make since to me. Why can't people accept others for who they are. I just can't understand it and it ticks me off more then just about anything.
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2 Responses Apr 19, 2007

I'm annoyed with how proud people have become about being ignorant. It used to be, when people mentioned something or someone with which you were unfamiliar, you either asked for more information, or kept your mouth shut and did a little research later.<br />
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Now people sneer at anything with which they are unfamiliar. "A presidential election? Oh, my like God, that's like so, you know, I mean, like, who cares, you know? Like you're all, like, 'Let's vote,' and I'm all like, 'So what?' Like, what's wrong with you? That's so weird."<br />
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Good Lord. I simple, "I'm not political" would be just fine, thank you.

I can't stand immature people and it sucks for me because my boyfriend is very immature at times, i just want to rip his big head off sometimes.